ShopGuard POS

ShopGuard POS has been designed to cover all needs of modern Petrol Stations. Having a user friendly interface and offering numerous options, it enables every user to complete his tasks through fast and automated processes, with basic PC knowledge required.

ShopGuard POS is suitable for Petrol Stations with broader business activities and for Petrol Station Networks, as well as for Heating Oil Stations which have a need for central data collection and management. It is ideal for Petrol Stations that want to implement Loyalty Card systems, and for Petrol Stations that want to offer Fleet Management Services to Corporate Customers, by monitoring their refueling transactions and applying limits to every vehicle team of vehicles.

ShopGuard POS

General Features

  • Simple and friendly user interface, customized for every user and working position
  • Connectivity with Accounting Software and other applications
  • Mass data change option
  • Multiple Companies Management
  • Unlimited data search drill-down from application’s screen-outs and print-outs
  • Parallel Asynchronous multi-tasking option
  • Soundex search option
  • Fast response times
  • Low equipment cost
  • Fast installation & training
  • Stateless technology for uninterrupted functioning
  • Microsoft Office Integration

Basic Options

  • Warehouse Management, Services Management
  • Price Lists Management
  • Branch Monitoring & Management
  • Branch Pricing Policy
  • Simultaneous monitoring and control of Physical and Accounting Inventories
  • Customers, Suppliers & Accounts Management
  • Orders Processing & Sales Management
  • Sales Agents & Cash Collectors Management
  • Intensive Retail Management
  • POS & Touch Screen Management
  • Loyalty Members & Loyalty Schemes Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Document Transformation
  • Fleet Scheme Management
  • Cash collection - Payments - Banknotes – Credit cards Management
  • Corporate performance outlook
  • Intergraded CRM task management module
  • Flat and/or Tree Categories (Customers, Suppliers, Items, etc.)
ShopGuard POS