Fleet Management System

FLEET GUARD is the perfect system for your 24-hour unattended fleet fuelling operation.

The system features a durable tag-reader unit for fuel distribution in private fuelling installations.

Given its compact size, the system can be installed either on-pump or on a stand support column.

The unit can manage up to 2 Fuel Positions and 4 different Grades simultaneously and can be activated via Card, Code, Chip card or proximity card/key access. Second level security via personal identification number and mileage.

Built-in resident and system memory, protected by a backup battery, can store data relative to 10.000 fuelling operations covering today’s needs.

General features

System features

The following main components:

  • Industrial housing suitable for outdoor operation
  • Card Reader
  • 5,7 “ B/W TFT 320x240 Display
  • 16 button keyboard Alphanumeric
  • Optional Printer (receipts of refuelling operations)
  • User or/and vehicle card for fuelling
  • Administrator card for programming and control

Refuelling Process

The process is simple and easy since the system is designed to operate without attendant supervision.

To operate the system, the user must:

  • Insert the card and (optional) input PIN code
  • Input mileage (optional)
  • Select fuel pump (if not selected automatically)
  • Refuel
  • Collect receipt

Administrator Functions

Entering in Administrator mode allows:

  • Date/time programming
  • Programming the list of activated tags/keys
  • Fuel inventory management
  • Statistical data printout
  • Access and management of stored data

Fleet Guard Software

Fleet Guard for Windows is a powerful and versatile management tool with easy user interface and graphic objects, which allows managing all your Fleet fuelling needs.

All data can be processed in the application, to have valuable information for optimization of your fleet’s refueling, or they can be exported to XL and further merge with your existing back office for further processing.

Set up and transactions are simple and cover:

  • Card management
  • Mileage checking
  • Extended reporting