Forecourt Control System

Designed to increase the productivity of your business

StationGuard is a Forecourt Control System which integrates all Forecourt Equipment through IFSF open protocol.

Equipment like Fuel Dispensers, Tank Gauging Systems, Car Washes, Price Polls, POS Systems, Payment Terminals and RF Solutions of various manufactures can all be managed by one system that Automates, Simplifies and Secures Forecourt Control Operations.

StationGuard is a windows-based application operating on a standard PC, thus benefiting from windows connectivity and networking capabilities.


Complete StationGuard Network for the Petrol Station

Connectivity via network, internet or GSM/GPRS ensures the data transmitted are monitored by local and/or remote users and administrators.

StationGuard is fully expandable according to your future needs or requirements.

Monitoring of all operations is provided at all levels. Local monitoring by the administrator is combined with main control from the back office.

Main Features & Benefits

  • All data always available at all levels.
  • Ergonomic use, optional touch screen operation
  • Interfaces for connection with all major Fuel Pump Manufacturers.
  • Transactions monitoring and control for 36 retail points (Fuel Points).
  • Inventory control for all Wet products.
  • Ability to operate with 8 different Pricelists (Fuel Mode).
  • Time scheduled change of pricelists.
  • Unlimited number of products, with 8 different products per pump.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Preset amount and volume with selection of specific nozzle and product.
  • Status monitoring & control for each dispenser.
  • Emergency button.
  • Connection with Tank Gauging Systems.
  • Multiple Reporting Tools & Print-Outs (totals per Shift/ Day/Date, totals per pump/nozzle/product, totals per price list).
  • Reporting Tools & Print-Outs for transactions per mode of payment.
  • Available in different languages.
  • Connectivity with fiscal printer, POS, remote operation etc.

User Interface

  • Operation mode
  • Side Number of Fuel Dispenser
  • Pricelist
  • Operation status
  • Number of active nozzles
  • Current transaction amount
  • Current transaction volume
  • Current transaction product
  • Previous transactions
  • Retail-Wholesale
  • Uncollected transaction