Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT)

SIGMA OPT is the newest self-service terminal for secure payment either with cash or with credit/debit cards.

It is a high quality Automation System equipped with latest version electronics, which ensure communication with Fuel Dispensers of all major manufacturers. At the same time, SIGMA OPT terminal enables easy, fast and safe self-service operation, handling all transactions connected with the Forecourt Control or POS System through IFSF Interface.

In any version (MASTER or SLAVE) SIGMA OPT is equipped with money acceptor (local currency) and/or card reader. Available also with EMV Level 2 card reader, for credit card (Master, Visa etc.) acceptance.

Main characteristics of SIGMA OPT provide:

  • Reliability: heavy duty external metal panel that provides durability in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Safety: equipped with a robust certified safe box & mechanical components which do not allow any force entry or sabotage.
  • Open Communication: IFSF communication protocol (International Forecourt Standards Forum) enables connection with Fuel Dispensers of all major manufacturers.

Main parts Sigma OPT


  • Back lighted colored TFT 5.7" [320x240 pixel].
  • 10 ATM-style, back lighted, vandal proof SOFT Buttons.

Receipt Printer

  • High resolution thermal printer -Hengstler Germany- (100 mm/sec/200dpi).
  • Paper-end & near paper-end sensors.

Error notification

Notification concerning alarms/performance error/communication error through sms messages (optional).


  • High aesthetics design, in compliance with ISO 9564 standard.
  • 16 metallic, vandal proof buttons: wide, wide-spaced, featuring precise tactile sensibility.
  • 10 numeric buttons.

Banknote Acceptor

  • Configurable denominations of local currency.
  • Automatic bank note self – centring.
  • "Anti – fishing" system.
  • Self-tuning system.
  • Lighted guidance for insertion.

Sound Option

MP3 audio messaging


Available in any language.

Safe box

Anti–burglary, high safety column, in compliance with EN 1143 – 1/2.

High bandwidth, high speed communication interface, with TCP – IP protocol on:

  • Ethernet CAT 5 cable
  • Serial RS 232/485 (2x2x LiYCY 0,75 mm2).

Sigma OPT versions

  • Slave - connection with StationGuard (NEOTEC) or any other forecourt control system compatible with IFSF.
  • Master - direct connection with Neotec Fuel Dispensers or any other Fuel Dispenser compatible with IFSF.

Forecourt Control

Controls up to 10 Fuel Points (pump sides).


CE marking

  • EU Directive LVD 73/23/CEE
  • EU Directive EMC 89/336/CEE

Legal Metrology

  • In compliance to EU directive MID 2014/32/EU
  • Performance according to OIML R117/R118

Operating conditions

  • Working temperature –25°C to +55°C, with relative humidity up to 95%
  • IP33D degree of protection according to EN 60529/IEC 529 standard
  • Voltage: 230 Vac – 50 Hz